Mindful Team Building On-site Tea as a digital detox to synchronize your team — nourish and refresh — and return with renewed purpose. Recent partners include Cedars-Sinai, Techstars, Noustous Gallery, and Bruce Lee Family Co. $200 per hour
Whether times are prosperous or unstable, people across the globe drink tea.
Digital wellness is about facilitating awareness by limiting the compulsive use of technologies that create anxiety, stress, and mood swings; and instead, focusing on the balanced, beneficial uses of these technologies to connect us with the right people, and to foster more meaningful offline experiences in real life — like sharing a deep conversation with a co-worker, spending more quality time with our children, and making new friends at a tea ceremony. We work with individuals and groups, developing and facilitating a minimalist approach to personal technology usage that creates more space for meaningful life experiences. Digital wellness and tea go quite well together.
“We LOVE Adam! Adam has come to have tea with my team at the Bruce Lee Family Companies more than once, and each time it is a wonderful experience. The experience is one of quiet bonding and presence. We get to take intentional time to be calm, centered, and connected, and in that, we are open and bonded in the best of ways - with quiet awareness and appreciation for one another and for the moment. My team loves the experience so much that we have Adam come back throughout the year to sit with us. He is pure magic. Adam’s presence sets the tone and permeates the space with a joyful quietude that is both relaxing and uplifting. We all leave the experience feeling reset and nourished. We are so grateful for his supportive presence!!” — Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee Family Co.
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Gong Fu means ‘effort’. In the Chinese tea ceremony known as gong fu cha (tea with effort), the implication is that time — presence — and dedication will produce a profound tea experience. This brewing method is a sensory rich experience that will slow you down — to relish in nuance and synchronize mind - body - spirit. Cha Dao is an ancient Taoist tradition uniting mindfulness meditation with ‘tea-as-medicine’. Bowls of tea are imbibed in ceremonial noble silence. These brewing methods are ideal for fostering self-care during times of prosperity and/or uncertainty. Ideal for beginners, avid tea enthusiasts, or coffee fanatics — there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking to develop a ritualized habit during the pandemic and beyond, reach out and schedule a sliding-scale donation session.